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Canadians are optimistic about travel in 2024

The cost of travel is on the rise, but that isn’t stopping most Canadians from planning a vacation.

Based on a survey of over 2,000 adults, more are feeling optimistic about travel and many are getting creative for their trips this year.  


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Concerned about costs

Managing travel costs is a growing priority


  • $4,200 is the average recent vacation spend
  • 94% feel travel costs are increasing
  • 34% don’t use all vacation time due to cost
  • 26% “definitely” not traveling due to inflation
  • 7% don’t buy travel insurance due to cost
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87% of Canadians recognize the risks of travelling without insurance

Top travel-related incident concerns shared by the 43% of Canadians who don’t purchase travel insurance

Hospital and doctor bills

Canadians estimate that the average cost of an overnight stay in an emergency room in the U.S. would be approximately $4,500.

Younger groups are more likely to estimate the cost being lower with Gen Z at $3,500 and Millennials at $4,000.

Actual medical bills could be double these figures depending on your destination.

Rebooking flights

Disruptions continue after last year’s turbulent return to travel, especially for younger travellers.

31% of all travellers report experiencing an airline cancelling or changing a flight.

This can result in unexpected hotel charges and additional food or transportation requirements, all of which can add up quickly.

Replacing luggage

36% of Canadians agree that there is a risk of having to replace lost or damage luggage if not insured.

In reality, 47% of respondents have actually experienced this issue while travelling in the past.

Luggage sets routinely cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the value of the items inside them.

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Travel stress is down, but disruptions remain

  • 48% experienced some form of travel stress recently versus 89% in 2022
  • 58% of all Canadians have experienced a travel-related incident, consistent with last year
  • 78% of Gen Z, 64% of Millennials and 56% of Boomers have had a travel incident
  • #1 way to have peace of mind according to Canadians is purchasing travel insurance
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Creative and affordable travel options are a focus for many Canadians

Travel solo

50% of all travellers and 62% of younger travellers report taking a vacation on their own


39% stayed closer to home or in their province, typically a lower cost experience

Work remotely

29% of working Canadians have either relocated or are planning to relocate

Canadians recognize the key benefits of travel


  • Time to recharge:  73%
  • Better mental health:  68%
  • Strengthen relationships:  37%
  • Increase creativity:  20%
  • Improve productivity:  19%
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Canadians are eager to travel and are finding creative and cost-efficient ways to relax and recharge.

Making the right choice for your travel coverage is important.
Here are some key considerations for choosing the right travel insurance for your trip.

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