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Life’s a Sport with Athletic Therapy Options

From our Partners at Manitoba Blue Cross

I’m not an athlete, so I can’t use athletic therapy, right? Guess again!

Athletic therapy is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, according to Florent Thézard, a certified athletic therapist and disability case manager at Manitoba Blue Cross.

When Should I Consider an Athletic Therapist?

“If something is wrong with your bones, ligaments and/or muscles, athletic therapists are experts at finding out what the problem is, treating it and hopefully preventing its recurrence in the future,” shares Florent.

“So, an ankle sprain, rehabbing from your knee surgery, treating your rotator cuff that’s either sore or has been repaired, your sore back – all of those are conditions or areas that an athletic therapist is an expert in.”

What to Expect During Your First Visit

When you visit an athletic therapist, don’t just expect a training session or workout.

“Initial assessments are often hour-long sessions,” says Florent. “Anatomy and biomechanics are carefully examined, followed by treatment and the creation of a specialized and individualized rehab plan.

“Usually, it’s focused towards active recovery… the importance of getting moving again, of doing the right things to fix whatever issue you came with.”

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