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Canadians are reducing travel stress this year

We surveyed over 2,000 Canadians and found that travel is top of mind in 2023 after the recent pause.

Most people are looking forward to a vacation this year and as they embrace travel again, travellers are looking for ways to manage risk and enjoy a stress-free trip.


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Want to Take a Vacation



Experience Travel Stress



Try to Reduce Stress

Most Canadians have experienced travel-related stress

Top stressors include:
  • Cost or budget pressure:  42%
  • Flights cancelled or changed:  33%
  • Lost or stolen baggage:  32%
  • Concern of COVID or illness:  32%
  • Safety and security while away:  30%
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Travellers are taking steps to achieve greater peace of mind while on a trip

Bring extra cash

Travellers tell us they ensure they have extra cash available to be prepared

Protect their home

Most have a neighbour or family member check on their home while away

Buy travel insurance

Many Canadians won’t go on vacation without comprehensive travel coverage

Travel insurance helps Canadians travel without worry

  • 58% agree that they would never consider leaving their province without travel insurance
  • 40% are more likely now to purchase travel insurance when planning a trip than in the past
  • 38% of travellers say the top reason for purchasing insurance is so they can travel without worry
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We asked: Why do you want to travel and do you buy travel insurance?

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“It’s important to de-stress from life, especially now. Travel insurance? Yes, I wouldn’t travel without it.”
Millennial, East Coast
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“I need to get away from the cold Canadian winter. I get travel insurance every time I travel since it’s better to be safe than sorry.”
Baby Boomer, Prairies
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“I need to travel to find some sunlight; it’s been such a blah winter. For me, travel insurance is a must.”
Gen X, West Coast

Canadians are seeking blue skies and warm weather

Top reasons why Canadians want to travel are:
  • Good weather:  44%
  • Making new memories:  36%
  • Discovering new places:  34%
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We’re here to help

Canadians should be able to focus on the fun that travel brings, rather than being stressed.

Making the right choice for your travel coverage is important. Here are some key considerations for choosing the right travel insurance for your trip.

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