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Individual Health Care Benefits

Individual Health Care Benefits

Whether you’re self-employed, between jobs or retired, there is a perfect health care package of benefits available for you and your family through Blue Cross. With the ongoing changes to provincial health care plans, it is important to ensure you have affordable protection against unexpected medical expenses.

Supplement your provincial health plan

Individual health plans offered by Blue Cross are uniquely designed to provide services that supplement each province’s government health plan. They offer an excellent range of supplementary health and dental benefits, including prescription drug, vision and hospital.

And did you know that the premiums for your individual health plan are eligible medical expenses under the Canadian Federal Income Tax Act?

We’ve got you covered

When you are looking for individual life insurance, Blue Cross has a variety of options to suit your needs.

For information on life insurance policies available to you, contact the Blue Cross plan in your region.

Select Your Region

The Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans represents the seven independent Blue Cross member plans operating in regions across the country. For information about the plans and services available in your area, select your province.

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